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The Virtual Laboratory is a Project started as an initiative from SIGHT group of IEEE Kolkata Section under the funding from IEEE AP-S & IEEE HAC Signal Processing Technologies for Local Community. The project aims to develop an IoT-based virtual laboratory system appending the existing infrastructure of the academic institutions. It will enable the students to carry on the laboratory experiments of their curriculum using the physical components of the laboratory remotely, from anywhere in the world. Even in a pandemic free world this system can be used by students who cannot access physical laboratory facilities due to medical reasons. As a part of this initiative, a virtual laboratory for performing Basic Electronics has been developed. It will allow the students to perform experiments in the Basic Electronics laboratory virtually, and yet have close to real life experience.


Here you find all the references regarding your research.

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Frequently Asked Questions are here for you.

The USER ID and Password are case sensitive. Please be careful when you are entering the ID and Password. If you are confident about the valid USER ID and Password then contact administrator with the error message which you have received. Remember the USER ID and password will be valid for a particular experiment and for a particular slot.

Ensure that you have successfully completed all the node connections according to the circuit and then submitted it. Also check whether the ON/OFF switch is in turned on mode.

Contact administrator first http://ieeepeskolkata.org/old_site/virtuallab-home/contact.html http://ieeepeskolkata.org/old_site/virtuallab-home/contact.html Mention your mail id, Phone Number, institution while asking for a slot of a certain experiment. Remember the USER ID and password will be valid for a particular experiment and for a particular slot.

Download the Instruction Manual from the navigation menu of the Virtual Lab website.

In that case, you have to contact with your respective admin head and submit your details.

List of Experiments

Experiment No.- 1
Study of non-inverting amplifier using OP-AMP

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Experiment No.- 2
Study of Integrator circuit using OP-AMP

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Experiment No.- 3
Study of VI Characteristics of P-N Junction Diode

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Experiment No.- 4
Study of VI Characteristics of Bipolar junction transistor

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Experiment No.- 5
Study of VI Characteristics of MOSFET

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